“I’m fascinated by the idea of giving movement to a sculpture. Stopping it in its tracks. Giving an impression of lightness is a great challenge for a work in bronze! I want my animals to dance, to leap, to glide, to watch… to live!

I’ve been surrounded by animals – dogs, parakeets, rodents – since I was a child in a small Moscow flat, and now my 12-year-old daughter is taking up the torch. As well as our dog, she brings home sheep, goats, tortoises, gerbils and goldfish – all potential models for my sculptures. And if my inspiration takes me to another animal, I go in search of live models. This leads to some wonderful encounters with owners of birds of prey, cockerels and galgos.”

Tatiana is a Belgian sculptor of Russian origin. She has lived in Belgium for over 25 years. In 2015, after a classic corporate career, Tatiana exhibited her first works, which quickly won over Belgian and international audiences with their intensity and strength.