A word from
the artist.

“The fleetingness of a movement, the lightness of a flight, the grace of a silhouette, the depth of a look, the power of a smell awakens our senses.

The animal world has long been a source of inspiration for my drawings and watercolours. By chance, one day a friend commissioned me to create a sculpture. This realization was a revelation in the sudden life, that volumes made more present, palpable and instinctive.

My profession as a veterinarian leads me to understand anatomy, but also to observe and feel the animal as closely as possible. Living in the countryside between the Doubs and the Jura allows me to walk through forests that are still wild, where encounters with wildlife are so obvious that I want to sculpt them. I let myself be guided by my sensations: the memory of a woodcock with immense wings and a huge beak, the electric blue glitter of a kingfisher on the lookout, the stalking of a fox with its nose to the wind… The project sometimes takes time to mature, then its realization becomes imperative.

Thus, I first elaborate the internal structure: the metal rods, shaped and welded, trace the main axes. Then the metal plates cover the skeleton like multiple brushstrokes. It gives me great pleasure to give life to this metal, to see it bend, assemble, merge, until its forms and materiality finally evoke an energy.

Some of my originals are made in numbered bronzes at the Deroyaume foundry (Villers-sur-Port, 70), which sometimes allows me to take the colour elsewhere.

May this wonderful wild world remain the source of our inspiration and never become a distant memory!

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