A word from
the artist.

A fleeting moment, a sudden flight, a graceful silhouette, a poignant expression, a smell that awakens the senses…

After drawing and painting animals for many years, I moved into the world of sculpture almost by chance, when a friend commissioned a piece. Discovering the concept of volume was a revelation. Suddenly three-dimensional form seemed to make life more immediate, tangible and instinctive.

My profession as a veterinary surgeon helped me understand the anatomy of animals, but also to observe and gain a deep insight into their lives. Living so close to nature between Doubs and the Jura has given me the opportunity to roam untouched forests, where contact with local fauna inspires my sculpture. I am guided by my instincts: the sight of a flight of woodcocks with their huge wings and long beaks, or a kingfisher waiting to strike, with its gleaming electric blue plumage… a fox, lying in wait, sniffing the air… Preparing a sculpture is often a long process, then suddenly its execution fills me with a strong creative urgency.

I develop the internal structure based on bent and welded rods that form the main axes, then I cover the skeleton with steel strips as if I were painting them with dozens of brush strokes. Giving life to metal in this way fills me with joy: bending and assembling the strips, seeing them blend together, until finally, the form and essence communicate its energy.

Some of my original works have been cast in limited numbered bronze editions by the Deroyaume Foundry at Villers sur Port – (70). This process enables me to sometimes add a little colour to my pieces.

I pray that this wonderful world of untouched nature will survive as a source of inspiration and never become simply a distant memory.

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