To look for the magic, the one that will bring out the living from the frozen.

To infuse energy into the earth and then into the bronze.

To stop time and make sure that we hear the beating,

that we perceive this quivering that gives life to things.

To explore this wild and brutal world, but also those moments of calm, intimate and timeless.

Choosing a pose and an attitude, finding the point of balance.

Working on a portrait as an extract, emphasizing a detail and leaving the eye free to extend it.

The subjects are innumerable and overwhelm me…

How to treat them all?

They chatter in my head from morning to night, in the shower or in my bed…

Why choose this one rather than another?

It’s a choice that is violent and frustrating for me, because I would like to represent them all.

To choose a strong subject, which comes back in a loop, which nags me, and which wakes me up in the morning.

To make a choice among many others, the one that will live in me for months.

Then I feel the call of the earth. Excitement fills me and my mind flies.

I plunge into its wet contact and my hands go wild.

The sculpture takes shape under this living material. It allows me to freeze a sensation, it retains the emotion, it offers me this subtlety and finesse which gives power to a work.

To be taken by doubt, to destroy and remake.

And then the story evolves, it is enriched with textures and wounds, desires and challenges.

And one day it becomes obvious.

Telling this animal violence – in life, in death – but also in survival.

One species disappears, another reappears…

By a pond, at the exit of a bush or in the morning mist,

sometimes showing its fangs, in the fight and the brawl, the passion and the rut…

This is the story of my bestiary.