Griet has done what no one else usually dares to do: trade a comfortable life for a faster and more exciting life in the bush! When Griet Van Malderen visited the Kruger National Park in southern Africa for the first time with her family in 2008, she was immediately amazed and captivated by the African wildlife. Her love for wildlife photography was definitively declared in 2014 when she met families of mountain gorillas in the impenetrable Bwindi forest in Uganda. She visits them from one spring to the next. But in 2020, Griet was visually confronted with the devastating presence of man on the forest, the habitat of these primates. On her way home, in the midst of confinement, she learned of the death of Rafiki, the silverback whose last name meant ‘friend’, killed by suspected poachers. Griet was the last visitor to see this gentle giant. It came as a shock. Another species for which Griet has protective feelings is the elephant, especially the big tuskers of Kenya. Tim was one of them, the most iconic. He died two years ago of natural causes at the age of 50. A miracle! Considering how much Tim had to struggle to survive. His mother Trista was killed by poachers in 1978 when he was eight years old. Then he lost his sister Tallulah in 2003.