A word from
the artist.

After a career as a psychotherapist, Isabelle Panélas Huard began her career as an artist in 1999. At first she sculpted nudes in an academic style before evolving towards a more personal style. Through her travels, her attraction to the animal world became obvious. The pure forms of her beginnings give way to a stronger expression, without restraint, in a more marked work but always marked by a childish softness.

She makes it a point of honour to learn and carry out all the stages that lead to bronze. Thus, for a long time, she made her own moulds, her chiselling and of course her patinas. Even today, her polychrome patinas remain her trademark. In 2014, she started a new technique: mixing bronze and stained glass.

Her awards are numerous :

Taylor Foundation Prize

Prize from the Société nationale des beaux-arts

Gold medal at the Salon des artistes français at the Grand Palais

Vermeille medal at the Académie Arts-Sciences-Lettres

Her work can be found in various galleries, both in France and abroad, but also in major events such as Index Dubai, an international exhibition where she was part of the French pavilion.

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