A word from
the artist.

After a psychotherapist occupation, Isabelle Panélas-Huard starts out an artistic career in 1999. At the beginning, she sculpts naked models with an academic way before to develop into a personal style. Through the travels, her taste for the animals appears as an evidence. The simplified forms of her debuts move on to a stronger expression, without restraint, with an intense work but still along with softness.

She insists on learning et making all the stages to work bronze. In this way, for a long time she makes her own moulds, carvings, and obviously patinas. Even today, her polychromic patinas are her trademark. In 2014, she begins a new technique : a mixe of bronze and stained glass.

She wins many rewards :

Fondation Taylor ‘s price

Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris ‘s price

Médaille d’or aux Artistes Français au Grand Palais de Paris

Médaille vermeille à l’Académie Arts-Sciences-Lettres

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