le HODEY Patrice

A word from
the artist.

Patrice le Hodey is fond of lights – lights that shape nature and bodies : anonymous beings on beaches or across towerious,ns, reflections of a movement, or of a moment, take on, through his approach, mysterious, spell-binding dimensions.

Patrice le Hodey’s tools of the trade are the sea, the sky, trees, but he plays with them and distorts theminto a new, quasi monochromatic, or conversely, a flamboyant representation.

He likes flirting with abstraction, confusing the issues of accepted representation by showing, for example, a reflected image upside down or a glimpse of reality enclosed into such a tight frame that it takes on a new, hardly recognisable, life of its own.

Patrice le Hodey has exhibited his photos in Balgium, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Hongkong, Singapour and Germany.

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