Art studies in the Louvre, acquires the “trompe l’oeil” technique, including stone, wood or other materials.

She then plans to head for a career as a painter and decorator. After a few projects, she tackles stone sculpture at the Academy of Arts Viaduct.

Discover the terracotta sculpture, open his workshop.

Begins with soft shapes and specializes in babies with their particular shapes.

Find a different interpretation in wild animals with more freedom expression.

Terracotta allows it to rediscover the fluidity of construction and to transcribe the dynamics of movement. The attitude of his models is reflected in this material, which for millennia has been used by many artists.

The architecture of the whole must be worked according to the cooking parameter, so that the fire test, finalizes the work in all its details.

The patina remains to be defined according to the colors after cooking, it must be in agreement with the work, at this point that the choice of pigments must be harmonious.

She has won several awards and distinctions.