A word from
the artist.

French sculptor and photographer.

Laurence, an eclectic self-taught artist, has been juggling sculpture, photography and jewellery for many years. Her inexhaustible source of inspiration is the sea and its inhabitants. Large marine mammals in particular, a perfection of arabesques in the blue water. This work is a plea to save our cetaceans, so many of whose species are threatened and in danger of extinction.

Exhibitions :

  • Antica Brussels (2023)
  • Le Pad Paris (2022)
  • Sab Expo (2022)
  • Expositions Paris (2022)
  • Le Cercle Gaulois (2021)
  • Exhibition at the International Cleantech Week in Annecy (2019)
  • Artist in residence at the Hotel de Paris Saint Tropez from April to November (2019)
  • Exhibition on Sustainable Mobility Saint Tropez (2019)
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