BODIN Jean-Marc

A word from
the artist.

“Nature is my model. Emotion, the source of my inspiration.”

Jean Marc Bodin has had a passion for wood and stone carving since his early childhood and didn’t hesitate for a single second before becoming a sculptor. The artist has always been attracted by nature and the animal world and has chosen to specialise in bronze animal sculptures. Jean Marc Bodin has the gift of conveying emotions through sensitive and extremely lively creations, and of transcribing the beauty of the moment. “I’ll always remember that group of horses crossing that long river.” When creating his sculptures, he is inspired by the moving, strong and authentic scenes that have really stayed with him. Winner of many major awards and exhibited in famous galleries both in France and internationally, Jean Marc Bodin is currently showing his work at the L’Escarpolette gallery in Port-Navalo (Brittany) and at the Animal Art Gallery (Paris).

Romane Hassoun

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