Marine de Soos

French sculptor

Where do we get this impression that the sculptures of Marine de Soos are suspended in the air? And that in her work, time stands still during its relentless orbit? Her subjects are completely absorbed by what they are doing, even when they are doing nothing at all. As our gaze crosses their route, it is fixed upon them and remains with them. All seems self-evident. Watching is a form of meditation.

Those who collect the artist’s works, absorb this enigmatic feeling, however unfathomable.

Marine de Soos works so that her sculptures bestow on us, what nature always bestows on her.  A gift of meaning and gentleness.

When she has suspended her subjects in time as if with a magic wand, her sculptures are far from still. We are sure we can see them moving, our instinct returns to the present, and the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of what we were able to perceive.

Her vanishing lines are axes that flee to tell us that reality is out of sight, that the essential remains invisible.

These axes, that begin within the very heart of the sculpture, and which form its secret internal supports, seem to fly beyond the enclosed form, as if to open it up. Her sculpture is form in expansion, a kind of miniature universe. Motion,  more motion, and then even more.

Main exhibitions

Places of inspiration and talent:

L’Oréal in Clichy, Le Bon Marché in Paris, le Château de Villandry, Le Couvent des Minimes in Provence, Le Domaine des Crayères in Reims, French Embassy in New Delhi….

Several international galleries:

PAD Paris Art + Design, Art Monaco, Salon d’Antibes, Lille Art Up, St.Art, Art Gente …

With the patronage or support of:

Natixis, Oddo, Barnes, Montségur Finance, Ofi Asset Management, Cabinet Racine…

Collections :

Works purchased by L’Oréal, Sacem Collection of Contemporary Art, Private collections in France, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Monaco, Italy, Austria, Russia, Morocco, United Emirates, United States, Brazil,   and China.

In a selection of galleries in France and in Europe