Olivier Bertrand

French sculptor

Olivier Bertrand was born in Marseilles in 1975 to an Asian mother and French father. When he was still very young, he developed a strong passion for drawing, modelling, and origami in particular.

“I have always been fascinated by the metamorphosis that arises from a plain sheet of paper, which, when folded cleverly, takes on life and incites strong emotions”.

After three years of an economics degree, Bertrand decided to follow a career in Web Design.

15 years later, during a period of convalescence, he returned to his initial love of art. Although no longer involved in folding paper, the basic technique was similar: he began to work with cardboard. By assembling strips and pieces of cardboard he now creates incredible life-size animals.

“Cardboard offers many advantages. It is easy to obtain. It is a lightweight material which lends itself to constructing large works. I love the idea of using a common everyday material that most people throw away, to create something  engaging and captivating. By creating animal sculptures from cardboard I have the feeling that I am on the same wave length with my fundamental principles: love of the environment. I like to choose animals that emit a certain sense of strength that seems contradictory with the fragility of the cardboard I use. I use the dual aspects of material and subject to make the public aware of the vulnerability of animal life”.”