A word from
the artist.


From time immemorial, animals have been represented in various allegories, and they populate the human imagination. The animal leaves a very strong imprint on the intellect of each human being, associated with an image, an emotion; it is the guardian of the steppes, the sentinel of the forests, the herald of a season.

The fusion that exists between the Animal and its environment makes this symbolism very powerful. They breathe the trees, caress the rock, and get drunk on the soil that carries them.

The strength of the mineral meets the fragility of the animal, each little facet is a shard that echoes another, building a graphic journey punctuated by light and emotion. The curves flirt with the protruding edges and give birth to animals emerging from rocks and crystals; mineralized Totems.

Graduated DMA metal at the Olivier de Serres School (Paris)

Bronze medal at the Salon des artistes français

Silver medal in sculpture Arts-Sciences-Literature

Mention at the Salon des artistes français

Eperon Prize at the Salon Art Cheval (Saumur)

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