A word from
the artist.

For many years, wild animals have been one of his favourite themes.

His work was first expressed through mixed techniques combining mainly watercolour, inks, ballpoint pen and pencils, whereas today he mainly uses acrylic paints. His preferred media are paper and wood; the hardness of these materials and their resistance to brushes meet his requirements.

Influenced for a long time by medieval art, his latest works are inspired by a very similar art form: Japanese folding screens, which are called “byōbu“. The points they have in common are gold leaf gilding and the importance of the animal world, which both create a strong symbolic charge when combined.

Gilding helps to breathe life into the model without recreating an illusionist setting; for example, it enables the artist to accentuate and direct the light, or to highlight a subject’s candour. Also, the grained quality of wood helps to recreate and give paintings a certain dynamic, particularly in the movement of water or wind in the sky.

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