KYED Malene

A word from
the artist.

A quote by David Attenborough started my project: “All life is related”

All the world’s living creatures, including us, have our genetic roots in just one common ancestor; an ancestor that came from the sea, from the boiling primordial soup that covered our planet four billion years ago

Our appearance today is the result of a lengthy series of mutations that happened along the way. Some of us stayed in the sea, morphing into thousands of exotic forms – including fish; some left the sea to assume the shapes of insects, reptiles, birds and mammals, here on dry land.

The point is, that we all possess a little of bit each other – that it’s random how much or what – and that we are all originally born of the sea.

I zoom in on the details of what we call life. With pen or engraving needle, I draw myself deep into the structures that make up the basic elements of an anatomy’s construction.

At times I draw myself into the humanlike features of the beings.

In my pictures, evolution continues its haphazardly mutating path; just like it does here on earth. We just don’t notice it’s happening though, and maybe feel that we’ve reached the final stage – and that as humans we are evolution’s crowning work.

But species will change as long as earth can provide a basis for life. If we forget that, we’ll become arrogant and disrespectful of other living creatures – and of the the planet we call home.

Malene Kyed born 1968 – art director in Copenhagen’s advertising milieu, with base in Nyhavn and the Island of Bornholm.

My work is either engravings on polished stainless steel or ink drawings on handmade paper.

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