A word from
the artist.

After her diploma from the École des Arts Appliqués Duperré, and working as a fashion stylist, Florence Jacquesson changed direction in 1995 to become an animal sculptor. Her favourite subject: moneys of all shapes and sizes. It was at the Antwerp zoo that she first made eye contact with a bonobo… he was standing right in front of her performing a dance of love and pain. This inspired her “Thinking Bonobo” (homage to Rodin). It won the gold medal at the Salon de Bry-sur-Marne in 2004 and was bought by the Jeanne Augier Foundation, Hôtel Negresco. Florence travels around the zoos of Europe, making live sketches or small models while observing the animals. Often represented in a frozen position, she emphasises their incapacity to react when confronted by the absurdity of humanity.   « I try to question my contemporaries on what the future holds for the great monkeys, enquiring, thoughtful, frightened, and appalled to discover man’s negative interventions on our planet”.   However, she also creates other animals in fragmented form, like her white lion or the fragile instant of the «birth» of a baby elephant … Her work is shown by several important galleries in Paris, Lyon, and Los Angeles and is exhibited at international shows such as (PAD, BRAFA, Masterpieces …). She was awarded the Sandoz prize in 2014.

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