A word from
the artist.

A graduate of the Duperré School, then a fashion designer, Florence Jacquesson turned to animal sculpture in 1995. Her favourite subject is the monkey in all its facets. It was at the Antwerp Zoo that her gaze met that of a bonobo, standing before her, performing a dance of love and pain. Le Bonobo pensif (a tribute to Rodin) was born, which received the gold medal at the Bry-sur-Marne Animal Art Show in 2004 and was acquired by the Jeanne Augier Foundation (Hôtel Negresco). Florence travels through the zoos of Europe and creates sketches or small models in situ. Often representing them in frozen attitudes, she highlights their inability to react to human absurdity. “I try to ask my contemporaries about the future of the great apes, questioning, thinking, frightened, dismayed to see the negative interventions of man on our planet. But she also sculpts other animals in the form of fragments, such as La Lionne blanche or the elephant Naissance, for the fragility of a moment… Her work is represented by some major galleries in Paris, Lyon, Los Angeles, and in international exhibitions (PAD, Brafa, Masterpiece…). She received the Sandoz prize in 2014.   « I try to question my contemporaries on what the future holds for the great monkeys, enquiring, thoughtful, frightened, and appalled to discover man’s negative interventions on our planet”.   However, she also creates other animals in fragmented form, like her white lion or the fragile instant of the «birth» of a baby elephant … Her work is shown by several important galleries in Paris, Lyon, and Los Angeles and is exhibited at international shows such as (PAD, BRAFA, Masterpieces …). She was awarded the Sandoz prize in 2014.

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