A word from
the artist.

I was born in Marseille in 1964 but I now live in Port-Louis, Brittany. Life has removed me from my home port but I still recall the lights and colors of that seaside city with its rocky inlets. After attending the Beaux Arts academy I became a graphics designer. Following a training program in ceramics I have devoted myself entirely to sculpture. Since childhood I have always been fascinated by the animal world and, in particular, by underwater fauna. Some of my artistic efforts have been produced in ceramic with the application of engobes or enamels. Other original pieces modeled in clay have been created in bronze in an art foundry where I collaborate with the smelter in producing the patina, an important concern of mine, inasmuch as the patina will reveal the character and the uniqueness of the sculpture. From plankton to cetaceans, all living species are extraordinary in their colors, their shapes, and their intelligence. Some animal species are very rarely represented in art and deserve to be recognized through artistic expression. It is through my work that I invite you to look at and become aware of the beauty and fragility of the world around us.

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