A word from
the artist.

David BENOIT is a contemporary sculptor born in 1968, living in Montpellier. In the 1990s, while working in a large national company at the forefront of 3D technologies, he began sculpting on computers left free at night by his engineering colleagues. A precursor in his choice of medium, he added clay and wax a decade later. This return to the original materials allowed him to capture the light more easily on his volumes in order to breathe life into them.

His training as an artist began in Paris, but it was only in Montpellier, with Eric Chatalin (a student of Charles Auffret 1929-2001), that he found his way. Combining architectural strength and inner life, he models both male and female nudes without abandoning animal sculpture.

This is how he created his first medium format sculpture “Tête de Toro I” presented in Arles for the 2009 Féria. In 2016, as a fervent admirer of the work of Rembrandt Bugatti, he created a bust of him for the centenary of his death. He then developed an exhibition entitled “Variations on the Antique”, followed by the “Mathematical Objects” series, which is more geometrically abstract. It was with the animal theme that he obtained his first national selections. The works “Cerf aux aguets” and “Eléphant en marche” mark a more radical orientation in his expression. Indeed, under the influence of animal artists such as Charles Artus, he pushes further his work of stripping, sobriety and research of minimal curves essential to the life of his bronzes. In June 2021, the group “Two Cheetahs” finally saw the light of day after several versions spread over several years. In September 2021, he takes a workshop to make his first castings.

Nov 2018: first contract for marketing works on the internet.

April 2019: first exhibition of bronzes at the Michel Perrier gallery in Avignon.

July 2019: first selection for the Salon National des Artistes Animaliers.

August 2019: first international exhibition at the Museum of the 20th and 21st Century in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

December 2019: first sales and private commissions.

February 2020: first selection of Art Capital 2020 at the Grand Palais (Société des Artistes

October 2021: first selection for the Salon d’Automne.

November 2021: first personal bronze casting at the David Benoît Foundry (AFDB).

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