A word from
the artist.

First there are the animals They are unique beings and they have always been part of my life. The interaction with them is so natural and instinctive that the bond forged between them and us can be exceptionnal. Therefore it is quite natural and without thinking, that I chose them as my main theme.

hen there is the clay This is my favourite material to work with. It gives me complete freedom, my imagination can wander. Kneading the earth, doing and undoing, the animal comes out of the clay and gradually takes shape in my hands. I do “fittings” in collusion with him. I interpret it my way.

And finally there is the bronze The final step: the transformation of an original piece of work into bronze, making it sublime and ever lasting. Leaving a proof of what exists.

The animal world is essential to our life. It is to pay it tribute that I dedicate my work to it. My sculptures are cast in bronze at the PAUMELLE Foundry in Morsains in the Marne.

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