A word from
the artist.

Painter and sculptor, a graduate of the Beaux-Arts, Beaurin attended courses by Charles Auffret, celebrated artist from the independent school of sculpture.

His works were based on the classic tradition in bronze, clay, ink drawings and oil painting.

Born in 1954, he grew up on the border of the Ardennes forest, closely influenced by its ancestral spirit and legends.

The mythical and initiatory effect of the countryside had a great impact on his outlook.

Animals represent the other essential side of our nature and this link is a strong feature in the artist’s work. This includes our need for discovery, contact, the total delight through physical connection, and the visual enchantment in which animals reveal their deep feelings associated with life. Shadow and light, joyful excitement and distress, dreaming and careful observation all burst forth from the feral shadows of deep emotions.

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