Patrick Villas

Belgian sculptor – Born in 1961

Patrick Villas is a contemporary Belgian sculptor, born in 1961, who currently lives and works in France. He exposes worldwide since 1991. The sculptor, passionate about the animal world, represents it under all its possible forms, with a particular fondness for big cats.

In order to understand the animals and the way they move, he spends a lot of time observing them in zoos. Villas doesn’t miss any detail, the animal’s posture is always dynamic, and their elegance and nobility are perfectly rendered.

He prefers a more brutal modelling style, working the material vigorously – but always with respect of the animal’s form and character. Even the final bronze reflects every detail of his touch. The strength, elegance and nimbleness of his models are revealed in a subtle game of light and shadow. The artist is also a talented painter, giving life to leopards or greyhounds with a few charcoal lines, sometimes enhanced with colours. With his nervous but self-assured charcoal strokes, he brings the animalier art form into the fold of Contemporary Art.

In 2014 the Taylor Foundation (F) awards him the Evariste Jonchère prize and in 2016, the Contemporary Art Centre of the Matmut (F) organises a retrospective of his works.