Alain Thimmesch

Belgian photographer – Born in 1963

Just like his love of nature and the world of animals, art and photography have always been an important part of Alain Thimmesch’s life. Wildlife is an endless source of inspiration, and he captures its beauty through extremely detailed digital art works.

Thanks to a personal technique that he has refined over the years, he merges images to give life to art filled with precision and mystery at the same time; the end result goes well beyond the world of photography which is simply the starting point for his creation.

Through each of his amazing compositions, showing a wide variety of different animals against a range of backgrounds, Alain seeks to capture the intensity of the moment and express its feeling. To achieve this effect, he embarks on a long process to stage the scene and create a quintessential atmosphere in his photography. He extracts the animal from its environment, plunging it into an imaginary world aimed simply at creating the unexpected, inspiring dreams through the magic of its beauty and originality.   All the aspects that make up the background, destined to plunge the subject into this special atmosphere, are based on natural elements, photographed and transformed by the artist himself.

With this technique, Alain demonstrates how well the combination of photography and digital art can immortalise enchanting moments and express strong emotions, giving us the possibility of enjoying the beauty of nature for many years.

These works by Alain Thimmesch are printed on Chromaluxe, an avant-garde artistic support that preserves the images by infusing the colours directly through the surface of the specially treated metal. Since the colours are infused into the metal and do not remain simply on the surface, they are deeper and far more vibrant, with exceptionally sharp detail.

All works are numbered from 1 to 20 and are delivered with a certificate of authenticity attached to the reverse side and signed by the artist.