Isabelle Thiltgès

Belgian Sculptor— Born in Brussels

Self-taught through her patient work on clay, which she has been sculpting for more than twenty years, Isabelle Thiltgès, Belgian by birth, currently lives and works in Brussels, where she resettled after some thirty years of Parisian life. Independent and nourished by life, she addresses various themes that are instinctively chosen in line with her sensitivity. Her figurative sculptures in bronze invite the viewer to travel: whether small or large, from birds to inhabited circles, concrete faces to frequently smooth human silhouettes, sometimes just sketched, the eye circulates between the forms, passing from solids to hollows, sculpted by the simple and refined lines that Isabelle loves for their exacting precision. Deliberate eclecticism and sobriety combine to highlight the originality of her work, much present in private collections and regularly exhibited throughout Europe and in the United States; that of an unclassifiable free spirit capable of giving form to the impalpable, of a profundity that she expresses with restraint and authenticity.