Paula Swinnen

Belgian Sculptor — Born in 1964

Paula Swinnen’s early calling, at the age of 15, for the arts lead her to study drawing at the Fine Arts Academy in Brussels. With this new discovery ignited, it did not take long before Paula started evening classes at the Academy of Ixelles. Her life, from then on, was art. After some time, with more experience, Paula discovered that her real passion was to “draw in bronze”. A self-taught sculptor, she is carried by her desire to explore,experiment, invent with all the levels of the lost wax process. Now after 20 years experience as an animal sculptor, Paula has mastered every stage of working with bronze, from the casting to the patina. Paula has gone beyond merely portraying animals, her sculptures express the real personality of the animal. She captures the fleeting glimpse of the natural movements of her wildlife subjects and this shows in the art that she creates. Paula’s bestiary is a realist interpretation of the fauna in which her powerful expression translates the thrill of nature and the throbbing of life itself. The sculptor’s vision turns wildlife into life-size bronzes with very naturel movements. Paula Swinnen has always been interested in apes and after sculpting several orang-utans, she received a commision to portray a mountain gorilla for the World Wildlife Fund. Her two latest pieces, life-size dromedaries, carry Paula towards producing increasingly monumental works. An area usually dominated by men, because of the huge physical effort involved, shows the unlimited power she has in her creative zeal. There are no limits in the quest of perfection for Paula Swinnen.