Sonia Sibiet

Belgian painter – Born in 1966

Because of her double ancestry – Her father is of Tutsi origin and her mother is from the Belgian Ardennes region, – Sonia Sibiet is fascinated by the warm and often mysterious colours of Africa. In 1980, she began her training as a painter and studied at the Ecole des Arts Appliqués in the Liège region.

Her capacity for using organic materials in her artworks, such as soil, plants and skins collected during her travels, brings an originality to her work that never fails to surprise. They are her roots that she brings back from each journey and that she includes in her canvases like a signature. She uses photography and her full immersion in the African bush and savanna to give a vibrant perception of each animal through her painting.

Every year, Sonia Sibiet participates in various animal art shows including La Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage de Rambouillet and Mantes-La-Jolie in France, as well as several exhibitions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (CERCLE MUNSTER and the Chasse et Pêche exhibition at the Hall Hirbicht in Beringen).