Savina Gillès de Pélichy


Earlier in her life, Savina Gillès de Pélichy was plunged in the world of conferences, media, television, and literature.

A complete 180° turn, leaving her professional life behind her, led Savina back to fundamentals, with a return to the source linked with animals and nature, and an intrinsic need to express her feelings through painting.

A self-taught artist, she rediscovered the Impressionists and fell under the spell and charm of Monet, but above all, Van Gogh.

Increasingly more fascinated by the effects of light, Savina discovered the works of the Hudson River School that enchanted her, raising her high above the clouds, into the sky, to gaze down upon this world that inspires such deep feelings.

Influenced by a variety of styles, her paintings and compositions have developed so that they now also tell a story. Beginning with raw emotion, she builds  on her canvases…expressing her feelings with deep intensity.