Philippe H. Ragot

French painter – Born in 1951

Philippe H. Ragot began painting as a child. He returned to painting animals, almost exclusively, after a long period in the world of high fashion. His favourite medium is oil, which gives him the leeway for his audacious painting style. In fact, his paintings, often on a large scale, are unexpected, partly for their compositions, choice of subject and for the unconventional colour palette. Saturated and out-of-sync, even violent, they show a perfect knowledge of animal morphology. With his expert eye, he creates optical impressions through the interaction of different colours, playing with addition and subtraction to create wonderful effects. The atmosphere that springs from his canvases can sometimes seem strange, and even provocative … He has a preference for African wild life, with which he is very familiar. His very decorative paintings belong in many international collections, in France, United States, Russia, Italy, South Africa and Switzerland.