Jean-Christophe Grignard

Belgian photographer – Art Ocean Production sprl – Born in 1968

Very young, Jean Christophe Grignard developed a passion for the marine environment and underwater life… With a Master’s degree in Marine Biology, and a driving instructor’s diploma, in 2000, he decided to focus on the fascinating world of underwater photography.

A talented photographer, Grignard brings a new perspective to this inspiring universe  aimed at preserving and championing aquatic environments, but also at showing the splendour and biodiversity of our lakes, seas and oceans. His photos are the expression of complete freedom, fleeting encounters, and moments charged with emotion.

His work has been shown at numerous exhibitions, winning awards at home and abroad, and his articles are published regularly in magazines both in Europe and the United States.

In 2012, he created an event, showing photos underwater for the first time in Europe in a flooded former quarry. In 2014, for the first time, he collaborated with Tanguy Dumortier and the team of Jardin Extraordinaire. He continued this amazing adventure with  RTBF (Belgian TV documentaries) with a modest contribution to this prestigious nature program.

In 2015 with his Art Ocean he participated at Mons, European Cultural Capital, and in 2016, he republished his book “Dour ou les Trésors du Lagon Bleu“. He was invited to the 2017 edition of the Namur Nature photo exhibition, the largest of its kind in Benelux, along with internationally renowned photographers like Laurent Ballesta and Vincent Munier.

Currently, he is travelling along his usual road to adventure, constantly seeking the perfect image…