Bernard Frigiere

French sculptor and painter – Born in 1954

The discovery of the magnificent scenery of the Ile de Ré as a small boy was the deciding factor that inspired Bernard Frigière’s love of the sea. An observant child, drawing came to him naturally. A long period in Hawaii, then in the Bahamas, with their vibrantly colourful fish, made a huge impression on him. Other islands, and more again… He saw hundreds of living creatures and developed a passion for the silent world of underwater diving. « Abstract or realistic painting: it makes no difference. The sea and the underwater world are a fantastic universe full of light and colour – it is not important how they are interpreted”. It was on his return to Paris that he began to sculpt the fish that were haunting his imaginary. He learnt much from his friend, Etienne, a sculptor. Since then he has never stopped, constantly using his hands to recreate the magic universe of the ocean. His « aquarium » is enriched year by year with rays, octopus, red mullet, bream, sharks, whales, crabs and shells. A long series of exhibitions, shows and awards confirm the talent of this remarkable protector of the sea and its treasures.