Bertrand Fauconnet

A fleeting moment, a sudden flight, a silhouette, an expression, an attitude, a smell that awakens the senses… After drawing animals for many years, I moved into the world of sculpture almost by chance.

Discovering the concept of volume was a revelation. Very gradually, I moved away from my sketches and water colours to create my subjects directly in three-dimensional form.

My profession as a veterinary surgeon  helped me understand anatomy, and living so close to nature has provided me with an endless source of inspiration.

The material I use most is steel. I take steel rods and plates, using electric arc welding to fashion and form the models. I use rods to construct the basic axes of the internal structure, welding plates over them in layers, as I would apply different layers of paint in a portrait.

When modelling one of my creatures, I let myself be guided by my instinct.  Our gaze is captured by a flight of  woodcocks with their huge wings and long beaks, or a kingfisher  waiting to strike, with its gleaming electric blue plumage…

While the preparatory project of a sculpture is often a long process, the actual concrete execution is one of strong creative urgency, bringing joy and excitement as the metal comes to life.

I have limited numbered bronze editions cast from some of my original works by a foundry. (Fonderie Deroyaume à Villers sur Port – 70)