French self-taught sculptor

Emmaly is a French self-taught sculptor, born in 1973, in Dijon.

He has always been fascinated by the animal world and is inspired by the diversity of the forms and symbols to be found in nature.

His artistic perception  is totally inspired by nature, with a special focus on animal studies.

His work is based on his observations of animals’ attitudes, gestures, and motion, which he interprets in his own personal contemporary style.

His sensitivity can be seen in the delicate rounded curves of his pieces. He focuses on gently mellowed volumes and shapes leaving the original working drawings of his sculpture visible through purity of line.

Extremely focussed on precision and attention to detail, he combines his art and technical expertise to bring his sculptures to life.

After  intense research into each animal, he develops the concept with sketches, before  modelling and creating the three-dimensional plaster model.

Then, with help and expertise of the Deroyaume foundry,  he creates the basic piece in bronze, that is then finished according to the art foundry code of ethics, a fundamental aspect of his work.

This stage is followed by long and meticulous work,  chiselling, polishing, welding and refining the lines, personally carried out by the artist to give each piece its individual beauty and elegance.

Then the oxidation process. This is a secret operation that allows him to achieve the final realization of his sculptures. This primeval stage provides the animal with its outer skin. The luminous patina combines with the pure elegant lines to create an emblematic work of art. He has become an expert in this field.

Recently, developments in polychromatic processes have produced new colour changes according to the light, and frosted impressions on bronze , resulting in more modern effects.

Awards :

  • Médaillé Arts Sciences et Lettres 2014
  • Prix jeune artiste – Salon d’art animalier de Saint Pierre les Nemours – 2012
  • Médaille D’Or et de Vermeil – Section sculpture “ Salon Art Inter 2010 “