Raymond de Meester de Betzenbroek

Belgian Sculptor – Born in 1904 in Malines

Raymond de Meester de Betzenbroeck was born on December 1, 1904, in  Malines. He died in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert on November 30, 1995.

A self-taught artist, he trained himself as a sculptor, spending entire days at the Antwerp Zoo studying the animals and their attitudes. Given his obvious talent, he was encouraged by the artist,  Albéric Collin, to continue in this domain.

In 1927, at only 22  years old, he held exhibitions in Belgium and  other countries. Raymond de Meester became quickly recognised, his work was strongly appreciated, receiving excellent critical reviews.

He created monumental works for international exhibitions: a bison in 1935, a gorilla for the Congo Pavilion, his “Roaring lion”  for the Malou park in 1958 …

Throughout his career he was awarded numerous prizes for his work.

His works are lovingly conserved in museum collections in both Belgium and abroad.