Pascal Chesneau

French sculptor – Born in 1967

Animal Sculptor

Self-taught. Born in Brittany in 1967. I moved to Normandy in 1999 and began work as a sculptor.

Wood was the material that first drew me to become a sculptor, a late vocation following an unconventional path. My bestiary is mainly based on wild animals and horses.

Far from focusing on a single material, and after feeling that my works in wood were too smooth, to rounded, I decided to attempt new materials. I worked with mixed media (paper, wood, structured pieces…) that allowed me to create works that were more accomplished, more intense, more ethereal.

After 2010, a new approach towards my work based on transparency, forced me to change materials once more. I decided on welded formed sheet metal (vehicle roofs).

I have been strongly involved in the protection of species under danger of extinction for many years. I try to convey this message and inspire the public through my work.