Florence Cadène

French painter – Born in 1969

Florence Cadène’s artwork is like a natural history, a sensitive memory in the heart of animal nations, a possible communion between the eyes of humans and all dimensions of life.

Florence nourishes since her early childhood her predilection for drawing and painting. She incorporates at 16 the School of Applied Arts Duperré in Paris, which she released graduated four years later. She completes her studies with training as a photographer.

The ten years that follow are for the artist a period of exploration and maturation, during which she will try multiple techniques, mixing conventional materials to the most unexpected ones. In the early 2000s, she choses to focus on wildlife art, for if the animals are for her an inexhaustible reservoir of emotions, they also are by their shapes, their movements, their expressions and their colors the multiple witnesses of a richness and diversity just waiting to be translated. This shift reveals her to an increasingly wide public.

Over salons and personal exhibitions in France and abroad, Florence Cadène becomes a first rank animal artist, fairly rewarded by many distinctions over the years 2000-2010. She also takes time to travel to Africa and Asia, where her gaze gets constant renewal, fed with new experiences. What fascinates in her work is an embodied emotion that delights, wins, and becomes almost physical. Sublimating the mastery of drawing, the working of materials appears over time as the original crucible of her creation: charcoal and oil come to agglomerate by magic with sands, land and other textures to better reflect the complexity of animal bodies and leathers.

Now at the peak of her art, Florence continues to develop her huge animal registry: foxes, wild boars and bears have recently entered in her workshop to emerge as many sublimated emotions…

So do not wait any longer before you also walk the incandescent and multiple paths of the great natural history Florence Cadène offers to our eyes.