Isabelle Brizzi

French nationality – Born in 1959

Immersed in the world of sculpture since early childhood – she is the great niece of Casimir and Isidore Scudéri, the bronze casters and sculptors, – Isabelle Brizzi chose to portray the animal world very early in her career. Calm and focused, she spends long hours observing wild life. Thanks to her solid training at the Natural History Museum in Paris, with strong confidence, the artist focuses only on the bare essentials, paring down form and pose to minimal pure lines. There is no need for superfluous details when creating an animal in all its perfection. The polished smooth patina is executed with particular care. Her bestiary increases each year with polar bears, elephants, penguins, sea lions, koalas and even delightful hedgehogs.

She has been showing her work at the most important animal art exhibitions since 2003, especially the Bry-sur-Marne exhibition, near Paris.