Pascale Benéteau

French Painter and Sculptor

Already young,  Pascale Beneteau decided to travel  around the world. These years abroad will definitively influence her, mark and define her style very recognizable today. Self-taught Pascale Benéteau does not belong to any main stream and has no particular artistic influences.

She does not think of having “chosen” the animal for her main theme. It is naturally that she feels a kind of attraction, a complicity with animals. It is an instinctive dialogue in a way. And it is from this unformulated dialogue that her works are probably born.

From the clay she models, the animal slowly takes shape, favoring with humor the soft and pure  lines. It reveals itself little by little, extracted by her hands from its world to appear in ours. It is always a highlight, a suspense, an exceptional birth, in the intimacy of her studio.

Then comes the final step of transforming the terracotta piece of art into a bronze with a delicate patina.

Pascale Benéteau exhibits in major national exhibitions as well as abroad. Her works are sold all over the world.