Christian Laurent

Belgian painter and photographer – Born en 1964

Colour photography or black and white, painting or photos…and animals, from home or from distant lands.

Christian Laurent was attracted by the beauty of imagery ever since early childhood, and has combined his talents as wildlife painter and photographer, using them as a common challenge to kindle strong feelings in his viewers.

A host of inspiration!

Although he has held a large number of successful exhibitions with his paintings in recent years, it was thanks to his travels in Kenya and then in Zimbabwe that he was inspired to hold a public showing of his photography.

He is constantly searching for new ideas; the recent publication of his book, “Wild Emotions”, and his photography exhibitions helped him make a breakthrough, establishing his reputation with a far wider public as an accomplished animal photographer.

He combines his different artistic techniques according to his inspiration.

Whether he is shooting photos of the great felines in the African bush, deer in the forests of the Ardennes, or horses at show jumping events, his special talent for action photography, captures dynamic moments full of exciting emotion.