Florence Cadène

French painter – Born in 1969

Since I am 16 years old, I attend painting exhibitions in France and abroad, though it took me nearly fifteen years before I find my favorite subject.

This is how I became a wildlife painter in the early 2000s and since, both my view on animals and artistic expression evolve without ever drying up.

My artistic approach is fairly simple : it is above all the pleasure of drawing and painting within strong emotions, to play with animals’ expressions, meetings, gazes…

The purpose is to put forward the animal through distinct techniques I have acquired for thirty years : it always starts with charcoal drawing, before I introduce mixed techniques like coatings, sands, golden leaves, weavings, and eventually oil – using it preferably thick and in glaze -, with successive superimpositions of thin layers, favouring realism.

I often intentionaly leave some unfinished parts, places of dark or bright linen, as an invitation made to the spectator to enter the artwork and get it completed.

Environment may sometimes be suggested but never as a full landscape as for me only the subject matters.

Graduated in 1989 from Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré, Paris (France)

Specialised wildlife painter since 2000

Drawing&Painting teacher since 1994

Member of the David Shepherd’s Wildlife Foundation (UK)

Member of Artists For Conservation (Canada)

Member of Salon National des Artistes Animaliers (France)